Welcome to Cape Style Painting & Home Improvements Services LLC -
Our Professional Services Include:      
            * Painting - Interior & Exterior.                   * Power Washing.                         
               * Wallpaper Removal & Installation.          * Water Proofing.         
               * Faux Finishes & Texture Coating.             * Roofing Repair.   
               * Drywall & Plaster and Stucco Repair.      * Stain & Clear finishes.   
               * Trim and Finish Carpentry.                        * Rotten Wood Replacement.    
            * Cleaning Services.                                          * Flooring (hard wood, tile, etc.).   

Interior Painting
Our service offerings include sanding, primer coating and fresh paint finish. 
Thorough protection of floors and furnishings.Sand to smooth surfaces and create adhesion for new coatings.Prime bare wood, drywall and patched areas.Caulk to fill cracks and nail holes.  Cleanup and disposal of trash. 
Exterior Painting
Our service offerings include scraping, sanding, primer coating and we apply premium paint coating. 
Lay down drop cloths to catch paint chips and protect plants.Scrape to remove loose and peeling paint. Sand bare wood to provide sound substrate for priming. Prime bare wood.Caulk to fill nail holes and cracks.  Replace missing window glazing. Cleanup and disposal of trash.  

We only use top quality  paint and materials like:

We'll make your home or commercial property look good as new,Call us today. 
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